Friday, August 3, 2007

Week 8 Activity 18 Online Applications

I typed this entry in Zoho Writer. It looks very similar to Word. I can see some excellent advantages of students using an online word processor because so often they come to school with an assignment saved to a flash drive or a disc, but cannot open it because the Word converter does not recognize the software they used to create their document. I imagine there are a lot more advantages to such online tools, such as collaboration and being able to find your work from various locations.

My concern for using this at school is that our AUP forbids students from opening accounts, even free ones, because they are not allowed to give any personal information online. All of the accounts I have opened during this summer course have required me to give my email address. Perhaps it would be okay to open the account from home and then log into it from school. I will check into this. I wonder if my district is a lot stricter than others?

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cardinalreader said...

Great idea on the "my printer was out of ink" dilemma. I can't tell you (probably don't have to) how many times I've had to write a note to a teacher detailing the student's travails with dissimilar word processors. I never thought of using this method! Thanks.